MoviePitcher is now offering a Start Pitching Package

Movie and TV Show Pitch - Press Release September 8th 2014

Company: Movie Pitcher Inc.

Address: Los Angeles (Hollywood), California

Telephone Number: +1-818-356-4122


Movie Pitcher Inc. is now offering a Start Pitching Package

Movie Pitcher Inc. is a company in Los Angeles, California that was organized to help the Entertainment Industry grow further by providing producers and executives a database with excellent film and TV show ideas that are registered and production ready. By streamlining the pitching process, the company helps its members share their projects and offers deal-making representation for most major production companies in the US and the UK. The main goal of the company is to make to simplify and democratize the pitching process while at the same time offer an invaluable service for studios, networks and production companies.

Right now, the all-new Start Pitching Package is already available in the product line of the company to satisfy the needs of the writers, directors, producers and ordinary people who are interested to share their unique and wonderful ideas to major Hollywood Executives. It will be an excellent investment for those individuals who really want to share their projects and get exposure in the Industry while aiming to sell their projects for a considerable amount of option money.

At a marginal price of less than $100, writers, directors, producers and ordinary individuals can already submit their new TV show and film ideas to the major Hollywood executives easily with the use of the Start Pitching Package. It’s something that will provide them with stronger connections to all of the members of the Hollywood industry who are willing to pay up to $50,000 as option money for an idea or up to $700,000 for a screenplay to those individuals who can help to make their future Hollywood films and TV shows more entertaining.

The process of submitting a new idea to Hollywood can be easily accomplished in just three steps included in the pitching package. First, register a unique and interesting idea in the database. Second, wait for the results of the review of the idea that will be conducted by a Hollywood creative expert. Third, the companies’ executives will continuously pitch the idea to the major Hollywood executives and negotiate deals on your behalf.


To get more information about Movie Pitcher Inc., please feel free to visit For inquiries, call at this telephone number: +1-818-356-4122.

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