Sample Movie and TV Show Pitch Form

Sample movie and TV show pitch form

Sample Movie Pitch Form 

This is a completed sample form if you are submitting a movie idea or screenplay. 
























Sample TV Show Pitch Form

This is a completed sample form if you are submitting an idea for a TV show or reality show.


























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  1. I have an idea for a weekly dramatic series. If my idea is offered a deal, is the deal only for the idea or would the deal include a cost per episode pay for me?

  2. Admin
    February 22nd

    Hello Angelia,

    This all depends on the deal. The negotiating power comes from the quality of the idea. If it’s something that the network really wants the we have more leverage to request more options. We would request screen credit for you along the lines of “Original idea by” and yes, this could come with royalties of a percentage per episode. If you are a writer and you have developed a pilot script, then you could be considered for an opportunity to join the writers team (usually between 8-12 writers for TV shows) and again that would be negotiated with the studio, network or production company.

    The important thing to remember though is getting you foot in the door. The absolute first step is to get consideration for the idea and some positive feedback. From there on, our executives will negotiate as much as possible and will keep you informed every step of the way.

  3. I am currently in the middle of writing an apocalyptic fantasy novel. As I write, I’m starting to realise that this would make a great movie. People who have read it so far have all said that they can see it as a movie.

    I’ve even gone as far as choosing the great Joss Whedon as the Director!

    Should I contact him directly?

    • Admin
      February 25th

      Hello Stacey,

      If you feel that he is the right one for your project and you access to him directly then you should contact him. It’s always good to have a letter of intent for your project even if you end up with another choice in the end.

  4. Hello to all..
    My book saga of fantasy alien adventure just realease this month on america star books but no screenplay completely original and mind blowing.can you help me without the script anyway?

    • Hello Luis,

      Yes we can definitely help. In general, selling an idea for scripted concepts such as movies, becomes much easier when you have a screenplay or a book attached to it. A book can be very easily converted into a screenplay which minimizes the cost for production companies that might be interested in your concept.

      The process of selling a screenplay or a book is the same as selling just the idea since it all starts from the concept. If a studio or network likes your concept, they will also be interested in your screenplay or book. This is because nobody has the time to read a book or a screenplay to see if they like the concept. But if the concept intrigues them, then we can negotiate extra for your book or screenplay above and beyond the option money. While option money is just for the right to use the concept (anywhere from $1,000 to $50,000), screenplays sell for $100,000 to $700,000 depending on various factors such as the quality of the story, the plot structure, how “production ready” the screenplay is, if it requires rewriting, how interested the production company is, the overall budget of the movie and even if the writer is well known.

      So if you have either a screenplay or a book, the process would be the Start Pitching Package found at:

      Once you place the order, we will guide you through the process of submitting everything.

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