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Our Screenplay Development services are fine tuned to help writers develop their screenplay at any stage of the development process. Our approach is writer oriented and aims at simplifying the process of creating professional, production standard screenplays. Whether you need proof reading, evaluation, promotion or even a comprehensive rewrite our team of expert screenplay writers can guide you through.

Choose what you need, when you need it. Our service is modular and includes the following options:

Proofreading Service
  • Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling: Every writer needs to present a professional project, and it all starts with the basics.
  • Formatting: Formatting varies depending on style, genre and even scene. MoviePitcher will, however, edit the formatting of your script to not only deliver a professional look, but make suggestions based on your project’s genre and writing style intentions.

  • Slug Line/Action Line Proofing: A screenplay is a map of moving pictures, and without strong visuals and/or scene introductions, an executive or producer will not be able to share your script’s vision. Movie Pitcher will specifically edit your script’s Slug Lines and Action Lines in order to present the best possible descriptions of visuals and action.

Price: $149
Turnaround time: 1 Week*

Screenplay Evaluation Service

You will receive detailed, studio-level coverage of your feature script, TV spec or pilot based on the below levels of evaluation. We will detail what is working well, how to focus more on the positive aspects and why, as well as explain how certain aspects of your project can be improved and enhanced.

  • Concept
  • Character Development
  • Structure
  • Scene/Dialog work

Price: $249
Turnaround time: 1 Week*

Rewrite Objectives

We will assign a professional screenwriter to apply the above referenced evaluation package notes to your project and suggest rewriting objectives. Note that this is the beginning stage of the rewriting process and no element of your physical screenplay will be rewritten. You will receive a list of rewriting objectives, of which you will be able to approve or deny. If you feel the rewrite objectives are not in the right direction with your project, you may stop the rewriting process and apply the suggested changes as you see fit.

Price: $99
Turnaround time: 1 Week*

Full Treatment Composition

After you approve of the rewriting objectives, you have the option to request necessary changes through direct communication with the writer via our ticketing system. At this stage you will move toward the actual rewriting of your project. The professional writer will craft and construct a fully composed treatment/summary based on the four levels of evaluation and objectives.

Price: $989
Turnaround time: Up to 3 Weeks*

Professional Screenplay Rewrite

Have the industry’s greatest screenwriters rewrite your screenplay based on your treatment and approved changes. MoviePitcher will match your project to a professional screenwriter that specializes in your genre and is inspired by it. You will maintain communication with the screenwriter through our members support area, and will get progress updates.

Price: $4299
Turnaround time: Up to 8 Weeks*

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* Due to consultation that our writers may require, turnaround times depend on the promptness of your responses.