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Registering your screenplay has never been easier, faster and cost-effective.

Follow this simple registration process and have your screenplay registered for a lower cost than even the Poor Man’s Copyright.

For a low fee of $4.99 only, you will receive a New Screenplay Registration Confirmation email instantly, and unlike the post office, we are here to provide any further proof you may need.

Register Your Screenplay
Why Register With MoviePitcher?
  • Secure beyond borders with our international screenplay registration service so you don’t have to register in multiple jurisdictions.
  • Fast international screenplay verification for  legal requests.
  • Best market price guaranteed. At $5 per year, it is a quarter of the price that competitors like WGA would charge.
  • Instant online registration with Screenplay Registration Certificate.
 Screenplay Registration Benefits
  • Secure your screenplay against unauthorized use and plagiarism.
  • Acquire a registration certificate with a timestamp.
  • Deter concept theft by printing your unique registration number on all printed and digital material.
  • Have Official Registration Verification Proof provided directly to 3rd party legal requestors.