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Get the Benefits Industry Professionals Deserve


Movie Pitcher supports WGA and it is our goal to help guild members with their projects. We value the work of industry professionals and can assist you in the development and exposure of your screenplay.

Does a screenplay exist if nobody reads it?
  • Expose your work to the right production companies.
  • Get professional help with your work.
  • Get a free screenplay evaluation.
  • Sell your screenplay for the right price.

If you are a WGA member, please contact us to get the latest exclusive guild member offers.

The most important factors for your screenplay to get picked up are:

  1. Reaching the right people such as producers from studios, networks and production companies.
  2. Reaching them at the right time when they are looking for a project similar to yours.
  3. Having continuous exposure for your screenplay over time rather than sending it out one off.
  4. Having a team that specializes in pitching that can secure a deal for you and represent you during the dealmaking.

Having these factors in mind, we have streamlined the pitching process where all WGA members can easily submit their projects, get a professional review to improve their pitch and get representation without any hustle. Most writers do the hard work and because they have no means of promoting their script, end up leaving it on the shelf as a reminder of both creative times but also disappointment. Not all screenplays sell but a lot of them do. So the main question is if you have done all that you can to promote your script.

Here at MoviePitcher, we make the answer simple for you. There is something you can do and as our objective is to help WGA members, we take the risk factor out of the equation with our marginal pricing of $69 that includes everything you will need from start to finish. There are no extra costs or hidden fees and we guarantee that you will enjoy the process. With the Start Pitching Package you can easily submit your screenplay, construct your pitch, get expert help and have representation that can make the difference.

As MoviePitcher is not an Agent, you don’t sign any away any exclusivity rights for any period of time and you are entitled to promote your project through your own means along side our service. If we secure an offer, you can reject it if you feel it is not right for you, so you are not obligated to sell your project unless you are satisfied.

We will keep you updated and you will receive email notifications every time your project is pitched, and we will take care of all correspondence with production companies.