The Pitching Process

How We Pitch Movies To Hollywood

The Pitching Process

We get a lot of questions regarding the pitching process. This article aims at answering questions like:

  • How does the pitching process work?
  • How will I know when my idea is being pitched?
  • Which networks will you pitch my ideas to?
  • When will my idea get pitched?
  • Do you pitch my idea only one time only?
  • Does the review affect the pitching of my idea?

The pitching process is handled confidentially by our pitching team members. Their goal is to:

  • Promote your idea to the right networks.
  • Promote your idea at the right time.
  • Help networks find the idea that they are looking for.
  • Keep clients informed when their idea is being pitched.
  • Gather extra information from clients when necessary.
  • Negotiate the best possible offer for our clients.
  • Inform clients of pitching offers.

You will get notified every time each of your ideas is pitched since we use an automated system that tracs when your idea is being included in our pitching process. We will also notify you if the idea is picked up. Unfortunately we cannot disclose any information as to where the information is being pitched or if the idea is not selected after being pitched.

We have two types of pitching processes:

Direct Pitch: This is when our executives meet with the studios and promote your idea directly. This is primarily done for ideas whose reviews are exceptional for non-scripted projects such as TV-shows and Reality shows, as well as all scripted projects whose screenplay has been evaluated through the Screenplay Evaluation Service.
Pitch Request: This is when the studios request ideas from us. They specify the type (e.g. Movie or TV show) and they specify the genre (e.g. Action, Comedy) of what they are looking for. They might also describe what they have in mind and which market they want to target. The account executives provide them with ideas that match the criteria.

Ideas are continuously pitched as long as you have the Start Pitching Package active in your account or until they are sold. The same idea might be pitched two or three times to the same network since often enough, networks might choose an idea that they have previously rejected due to timing.

The pitching process is an ongoing one that might take from a couple of weeks to several years. Nobody can guarantee or estimate when a network will pick up an idea. What you can be sure of is that (a) your idea will be made available to the networks either by Direct Pitching or Pitch Request or both and (b) ideas are bought on a weekly basis and if your idea stands out, it will get picked up eventually.

As mentioned above, we have an automated notification system that will inform you every time your idea is being pitched. If you have not received an email with subject Your Idea Was Pitched! then your idea has not been pitched yet. Usually, most ideas are pitched at least once within three months through Pitch Requests.

If you get a lot of pitch notification emails but you did not yet receive an offer, it doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with your idea. We have executives from a lot of networks browsing constantly for different types of ideas hence the notifications. Your idea will get picked up if it is of the quality and genre and when the time is right.

Finally, the review of your idea primarily serves to:

  • Help you improve your log-line in terms of spelling, grammar and expression.
  • Give you an estimate on how the idea will perform
  • Get a sense of the pro’s and con’s of your idea in terms of creativity, pitch-ability and production cost.

Despite the rating, ideas are either approved for pitching or declined. Although approved ideas with a low rating might have less exposure in Direct Pitching, the ratings are not viewable by the networks so they have an equal chance of being pitched as highly rated ideas. This policy goes hand in hand with our general promise of helping people pitch their idea to Hollywood. Although our creative executives offer feedback to improve your idea, it is not their job to judge or influence the end result of your idea in a negative way. Our opinion is expressed constructively and we let the decision making up to the networks directly. After all, it is the networks that take the risk of developing ideas.

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  1. I have an idea for a movie, and have been working on a script. I have never written a screenplay before, but believe the plot is very good. Do I need to have a final script? can I sell the Idea without a script? Should I submit what I have so far.?

    • Hi Michael,

      No you don’t need a script to submit an idea. Even if you had one ready, we would not require it to sell the idea.

      A lot of people try to sell their idea with a screenplay in their hands and while this might work in some small to medium size production companies it certainly doesn’t work in Hollywood. It is important to differentiate the screenplay review from the pitching process. A successful log line with an executive summary is what will sell the idea which would then open the door for a screenplay review.

      If you are in the process of writing a screenplay, and would like for it to be considered if your idea is picked up, we recommend you choose the Yes I have a screenplay option on the Start Pitching Package order form.

  2. Be patient! they will do the work and you just have to learn to not rush. F.A.Q have most the answers even if the first time you read through you may not gain them all.

  3. Hey MoviePitcher! Just wanted to say I have just received notification that my idea is being pitched! Regardless if it gets picked up by a network or not as a movie, I just want to say thank you for giving average people like us to have a shot at making it! I would, however, love to make a little extra money to put away for my college funds so…I have my fingers crossed! =)

  4. hello, i have an idea/pitch for a movie. Can i submit it to you after purchasing a basic package with you ?

  5. Are you still accepting ideas? I’ve got literally at leaste 60 that I think are just perfect.

    • Admin
      August 10th

      Hello Jim,

      Yes, we are always ready to accept new ideas. Our service is not one-off or a pitch-fest. It’s an ongoing process so feel free to submit.

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