Answer: Do I Need To Have My Screenplay Evaluated?

Tutorial Quiz Subject: The Basics On How To Sell Your Screenplay

Not Quite Right:

Even though having your screenplay evaluated is not compulsory and producers will still have access to it if they like your pitch, there are a lot of benefits of choosing the evaluation option. Some of the main benefits are:

  1. Direct Pitch Possibility: Even though producers search and have access to screenplays in our database, our executives sometimes reach out to their contacts directly and inform them of exceptional projects that match their production profile. For our executives to risk their reputation and contacts, they need to be confident in the project they are selling. As it is impossible for all screenplays to be read, the screenplay evaluation option provides our executives with the information they need by our professional screenwriters. They can then choose to run with the project and pitch it directly.
  2. Valuable Feedback: Every writer knows that a screenplay is not finalized until the last shot is filmed, but in order to even get the filming started, a screenplay needs to be up to standard beyond the value of the story. You will receive detailed, studio-level coverage of your feature script, TV spec or pilot based on Concept, Character Development, Structure and Scene/Dialog Work.

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